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Doula Support

Antenatal and Birth Support

I offer assistance to get you and your birth partner fully prepared for a positive birth experience whatever option you choose: I offer 121 antenatal sessions combined with hypnobirthing and pregnancy yoga tools and techniques, help navigating the maternity system, assist with appointments, exploring birth options offering evidence based balanced information and follow up session to ensure continutiy of care that is fully on your side.

My current package is 3 bespoke sessions of 2 hours each (online or in person):

- 2 antenatal sessions and 1 postanatal follow up

- free initial meet up

- free whatsapp support 

- free resources 

@ £350

- Currently available for elective Ceserean births @ £300 additionally to the above

- Add-on sessions available for bespoke pregnancy yoga and Hypnobirthing at a special rate online or in person


Postnatal Doula Support

I offer you a guiding hand during this transformative journey of early motherhood. As a postnatal doula, I am here to provide unwavering emotional and physical assistance to new mothers as they navigate the challenges and joys of caring for their newborn. My goal is to empower You with confidence and reassurance. With personalised care and a deep understanding of the unique needs of new families, I am dedicated to helping mothers/parents embrace their new role and find a sense of calm amidst the beautiful chaos of this precious time.

I can assist you day and night (depending on availability) with your baby, help you get a break and some sleep, can help you with groceries, cooking, light housework, newborn care and just offering a listening ear. 

10 hrs @ £225

20 hrs @ £400

- add-on sessions available for bespoke postnatal yoga, baby yoga and massage online or in person at a special rate.

Parents with Newborn Baby

As a doula by your side, I would be there to support you and your birth partner unconditionally and without judgement to have the best possible positive birth and postbirth experience: be informed with balanced evidence based information before making any decisions, exploring all your options and choices, manage appointments and lead conversations feeling empowered knowing that the choice is always yours. 

Book a Call with me

I am always happy to discuss and explore how I can best assist you on your journey of yoga and wellbeing as a woman. Feel free to get in touch.

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