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Pregnancy Yoga  & Hypnobirthing

121 Sessions, group workshops and courses

Embarking upon the journey of pregnancy and birth is one of the most transformational periods in our lives as women. The physical, emotional changes are constant and to manage these while connecting deeper to the growing life within, yoga and hypnobirthing can be a great help and support. 

I offer nourishing, comprehensive sessions enabling you to improve your general wellbeing while building deeper self-awareness:

  • greater range of movement, stronger body responding to the physical changes and shifts

  • gentle remedies and preventative to the ailments of pregnancy

  • higher energy levels, more restful sleep, better digestion, improved immunity 

  • prepare for birth and labour with full trust and confidence in your body, empowered by knowledge on choices and options

Going beyond the physical aspects of the practice, breath awareness, deep relaxation, visualisation and meditation are really effective ways to process and adapt to the broad spectrum of emotions, feelings and thoughts with acceptance and self-love.

My pregnancy yoga classes are infused with hypnobirthing tools and techniques and they end with a lovely deep relaxation, guided meditation and visualisation.

I also run comprehensive antenatal and hypnobirthing courses: 4 intimate and interactive sessions preparing you for a positive birth, empowering you to navigate the healthcare system confidently, equip you with evidence based, balanced, non-biased knowledge to make your own choices and decisions and to prepare you for the 4th trimester so you can feel fully supported and cared for during this amazing but at times challenging transitional phase to motherhood.

PLease check below current classes, course running for further details.


'I started pregnancy yoga with Kinga at 28 weeks pregnant 
Her sessions really helped me stretch and strenghten my body,  connect with my baby, relax my mind.
I felt super peaceful at the end of each session. It was a wonderful 8 weeks that truly helped me to get ready for birth.'

Please find below current and upcoming classes and courses:


That  was divine

I loved the strong yet flexible flow and of course that relaxing meditation and breathwork was perfect

I look forward to the next session

— Felicia

Pregnant Yoga

It was a really good class

relaxing yet working on opening and strenghtening

Beautiful session I enjoyed it and that meditation brought happy tears to my eyes

— Jayna

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I am always happy to discuss and explore how I can best assist you on your journey of yoga and wellbeing as a woman. Feel free to get in touch.

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